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Canadian Patriots Rise Up Against Mandate Tyranny – Spread the Word

I have never been more proud of my Canadian roots than during the last few days as I have tracked the “Anti-Vaccine-Mandate” trucker convoy making its way across Canada to its final destination of the national capital of Ottawa to scream out as one against the dictatorial edicts of the entrenched-establishment elites who “lead” the country.

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Democracy’s defenders can’t just win elections. They must also campaign to save democracy.

Model: For the first time in US history, a party must mount two parallel presidential campaigns: one to win the election, and the other to prevent its theft.
Scope: Democrats will spend at least $1B on the campaign to reelect President Biden. They and other pro-democracy actors must also mount a campaign of similar size, scope, and seriousness to stop the coup plotters.
Leadership: The political job of the President and the Biden-Harris team is to win re-election. For the parallel campaign, we need the most influential democratic voices in politics (of both parties) to come together.

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How to make the Supreme Court confirmation process meaningful

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If senators hope to restore any sense of dignity to the process, they should avoid trying to establish where the nominee stands on hot-button political issues and focus instead on the larger picture: Will this person restore some measure of confidence in the Supreme Court? If we can incentivize nominees to act more like judges and less like partisan team players, there may still be hope for the judiciary.

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This is not how the Supreme Court is supposed to work

So why are those who admire Breyer the most cheering the loudest? Because President Biden, with his bare majority in the Senate, will be able to name a replacement who might prevent the further diminution of the court’s stature.

Think how bizarre that is. We take for granted in our cynical political environment that Democrats will react to news of Breyer’s retirement with relief — or even joy. But this actually highlights the degree to which the Supreme Court has lost credibility and has ceased to function as an impartial interpreter of the law.

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The West may not be able to deter Putin. But at least he knows the consequences will be devastating.

Nevertheless, Putin will understand that taking this step would reenergize Western alliance and leave his country an economic basket case and an international pariah.

In a background call with reporters on Tuesday, senior White House officials vowed that, should Russia advance into Ukraine, “the gradualism of the past is out, and this time we’ll start at the top of the escalation ladder and stay there.

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‘In no way qualified’: Ben Carson torched on Twitter for criticizing Biden for considering a Black woman for SCOTUS nominee

Image via U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) / Wikimedia Commons

Dr. Ben Carson, who worked as the Housing Secretary under former President Donald Trump’s administration, is facing backlash for his recent attempt to accuse President Joe Biden of “identity politics” for considering a Black woman nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court. T
Appearing on “The Vince Coglianese Show” WMAL radio show, Carson was asked about the impending Supreme Court vacancy following Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement announcement.

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