Republicans retool their conspiracy theory for the mainstream

On Wednesday, Republicans once again stood in unity on an issue for which there is fierce agreement across their party: Voting should be hard as hell — at least for Americans who live in cities and/or aren’t white. Senate Democrats had brought forth a new version of a voting rights bill, watered down by Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin on the asinine theory that it might attract Republican votes, but no dice. All 50 Republicans in the Senate voted to filibuster the bill, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., claiming it has a “rotten core.

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Alta Fixsler and the evils of socialized medicine

Alta Fixsler, a 2-year-old Hasidic girl, was taken off life support and died in the United Kingdom on Monday. This, despite her parents requesting that she be taken to Israel for treatment. This episode, similar to what happened to Charlie Gard  in 2017, demonstrates the evils of socialized medicine.
According to the Jerusalem Post :
“Fixsler was born with severe brain damage and had been on life support since birth but the UK High Court ruled against the wishes of her family, that the girl’s life support care should be discontinued.

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The Marxist Move to Cancel Jefferson


Posted: Oct 21, 2021 12:01 AM

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

In our age of historical revisionism, the city officials in New York City have set their sights on a statue of our third president – Thomas Jefferson. This is a statue that has been in City Hall since 1833. It was moved about 80 years ago to the actual chamber where the business of the city is conducted.
“Jefferson Statue Will Be Removed From N.Y.C. Council Chambers,”declares the New York Times.

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A glimpse into our solar system’s future

Stars, much like humans, go through different stages of life, from birth through middle age through senescence. At the moment, our solar system’s sun is in its yellow dwarf stage of life — essentially middle age for a star of its class.
But that won’t always be the case. Earth’s sun is about 4.5 billion years old, but in another five billion years, the sun will eventually run low on hydrogen fuel. After that happens, it will expand into a red giant and engulf many of the inner planets, and perhaps mess up the orbits of outer ones.

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Nicky Haslam gives Meghan’s favourites the brush-off on a tea towel 

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Nicky Haslam gives Meghan’s favourites the brush-off on a tea towel
By Richard Eden for The Daily Mail
Published: 19:25 EDT, 20 October 2021 | Updated: 19:31 EDT, 20 October 2021

He’s the friend of the royals who’s become an arbiter of everything that should be avoided by those wishing to mix in polite society.
And now interior designer Nicky Haslam has helpfully compiled a list of the most vulgar aspects of post-pandemic life.

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Letters to the Editor — Oct. 21, 2021

The Issue: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg taking three months of paternity leave.
First off — congratulations to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband on the arrival of their twin babies (“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Oct. 17).
But just think: Had Pete been elected president, would he be taking months of paternity leave and relegating all his responsibilities to his vice president or any other of the court jesters?
Yes, Pete, federal workers can receive up to 12 weeks of family leave. But you swore to uphold your office as the secretary of Transportation.

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Netflix CEO Apologizes for Having Principles

There’s really no good reason why we should still be talking about Dave Chappelle’s 2-week-old standup special The Closer. Except that Netflix employees have wielded it as means of inserting themselves into high-level company affairs, demanding that the company accede to their demands, seemingly as penance for its decision to platform Chappelle.
For people who have actually committed an hour of their time to watching the special, it’s a stretch to portray Chappelle as a man with animus toward the trans community.

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