Time to Limit U.S. Investment in China

The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission is a small gem of an independent government body that has functioned as the loyal opposition to the corporate conventional wisdom regarding China trade ever since the commission was created by Congress in 2000. The bipartisan commission holds hearings and produces deep investigative reports on how Chinese Leninist capitalism actually works, and the threat to the U.S. national interest.
Their latest annual report points out that President Xi Jinping has tightened controls over China’s nominally private sector, and as a consequence U.

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The Great Escape

The first thing you should know about Caroline Potts of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, is that she loves her pets. “I have five cats and three dogs,” she told me, proudly. “The only thing I don’t have is birds.”
So when she needed a job, PetSmart seemed like the perfect solution. “My sister worked at PetSmart and I was in there so much,” she said.
She started as a bather, and showed enough promise to be invited to the company’s dog grooming academy, where they teach how to cut hair. “I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life,” Caroline said.

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The Fight for Italian Reunification Inspired the International Left

On November 27, 1871, Italy’s King Vittorio Emanuele II gave an impassioned speech at the Italian parliament, finally ushering in the complete unification of his country. For centuries, the peninsula had been divided into a patchwork of regions, mostly dominated by the monarchies of Austria, France, and Spain. Napoleon had worked to change this arrangement after the French Revolution, but, after Habsburg diplomat Count Klemens von Metternich’s reversal of his reforms at the Council of Vienna in 1815, the three foreign dynasties largely regained their strongholds.

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Trump stoked Covid in red states – but there are blue anti-vaxxers too | Robert Reich

Trump stoked Covid in red states – but there are blue anti-vaxxers too

Robert Reich

Among my neighbors in the bluest region of the bluest county of the bluest state in America, many don’t trust big pharma or the government – or simply choose to put themselves first

Protesters hold signs during an anti-vaccination rally at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Protesters hold signs during an anti-vaccination rally at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

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Health Insurance Deductibles Give Black Friday a Whole New Meaning

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to teach a course on pathways to universal healthcare in the United States. To be clear, I have a very particular viewpoint on this—I literally co-wrote the book on Medicare for All. But I do my best to explain precisely why Medicare for All is head and shoulders a more efficient, effective, and yes, even politically plausible approach to solving our healthcare crisis. 
Yet as someone who spends a lot of my time thinking about our healthcare system, I sometimes forget just how inured I’ve become to how broken it really is.

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When Real Life Feels More Like Science Fiction

Oil pumpjacks. (muratart / Shutterstock)

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Why If Poland Falls, We All Fall

The Left and the Social Democrats in both Europe and America have one thing in common: they know nothing of human nature. You know: Everyone is good. All criminals can be reintegrated. All borders are bad. And every multicultural melting pot is enriching.
But there’s a problem: It’s not true. Not all cultures are equal. Nor is everyone good. Which is why we need locks on our cars and houses, passwords on bank accounts, and border controls around our lands.

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Thanksgiving reflections on grace and growth for uncertain times

To call the past few years a time of upheaval is a pretty huge understatement. Gender roles and gender identity, race and justice, capitalism and socialism, hyperpolarization, wars, and pandemics – all have brought disruption at levels unseen in generations. Now we’re witnessing what economists are calling the Great Resignation, the unprecedented decision by many Americans to voluntarily quit their jobs, step back, and ask what they really want from work and life. 
In some ways, this time of year is about doing just that. Yes, there are turkeys and presents and holiday music.

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Who’s Afraid of Climate Geoengineering?

The news about global warming, er, global climate change (GCC), continues to worsen. It’s now turning animals into shape-shifters as they adapt by changing the size of their ears, tails, beaks and other appendages, reports a team of scientists. Maybe nobody would make fun of Baby Dumbo anymore; his ears would be used for fans, powered by “renewable fuels.”
If you’re reading this publication, you’re probably what’s called a “climate denialist.

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