Does Latinx Have a Future?

Election Night almost killed Latinx. As results started trickling in, media figures and political strategists struggled to process what they were seeing in Florida and Texas. The “blue wave” that polls had suggested would punish Republicans was instead showing a dramatic shift in Latino-voter support toward the GOP. What could explain this? Democrats’ embrace of “wokeness” and, in this case, use of the term Latinx seemed like an easy target.

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National Conservatism, Uncertain Prospects

It would be a tragedy beyond reckoning if all the costs of nationalism come due before any of the good is accomplished.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A fter a well-covered conference in Orlando, and a few sallies in the Wall Street Journal, politics is still buzzing about the “national conservatives” — whether they offer a coherent addition or challenge to existing conservatism, and what their prospects are for the future.
I’ve been a national conservative since well before it was cool to say so.

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The Ascendent National Conservatives

Over the past four years, a loosely organized group of wonkish college students, disgruntled journalists, exhausted political operatives, and a couple of heterodox public figures have denounced the lack of conviction from the conservative establishment.
They call themselves populists, post-liberals, and national conservatives. And they believe that as times change, so should how we react to the times. For them, finding comfort in the same old universally applicable solutions is harmful, if not masochistic.

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