One sentence from Viola Ford “Mother” Fletcher, the oldest living Tulsa race massacre survivor at 107, sums up the Black experience in America better than any other: “Greenwood should have given me the chance to truly make it in this country.”
The nation’s history is riddled with movements and moments that have thwarted the safety, upward mobility, political progress and sometimes mere existence of Black America.

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THE EDITORIAL BOARD: Meet the members of USA TODAY’s board

USA TODAY’s Editorial Board forms the opinions expressed in USA TODAY’s editorials. Its members are selected by USA TODAY’s opinion editor, with a goal of reflecting the diversity of the nation’s conversation. The board operates by consensus and reaches its opinions independently from any other part of USA TODAY or its parent company, Gannett. It is not aligned with any political party.

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Blame the Chinese Communist Party for the coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, one fact is increasingly clear: The Chinese Communist Party caused this crisis.

From the moment the coronavirus emerged in central China, Beijing has acted in a way that made a pandemic possible and then inevitable. It covered up what was happening in Wuhan. It silenced whistleblowers who sought to warn the world.

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Cafeteria workers need support during the COVID-19 epidemic

The halls of K-12 schools across the country are eerily quiet, as teachers and students stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet cafeteria workers are reporting to work, figuring out innovative ways to serve children free, nutritious school meals in the middle of a pandemic that has caused unprecedented job loss and economic upheaval. 

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Kasich: The coronavirus made me doubt my faith, until I realized it was there all along

Like many of you, I have been in and out of a funk these past weeks, ever since the full force of this global COVID-19 pandemic started to impact our communities here at home. It’s a desperate, dispiriting thing, to see so much suffering, to see so many people fearful for their lives and their livelihoods. Who wouldn’t be feeling down and uncertain about what lies ahead?

Right now, I’m out of that funk, and I’d like to tell you why — and how it happened that I’ve come toblook on this moment from a more hopeful place.

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Our selfish lapses threaten lives. Here’s how to make moral coronavirus decisions.

In today’s world, simple decisions become freighted with moral implications. Should I go to work with this cough? Should I grab the last container of hand sanitizer on the shelf before the little old lady behind me gets it? As the U.S. coronavirus death toll skyrockets, we can learn from Italy. “I and many other Italians just didn’t see the need to change our routines for a threat we could not see,” Il Foglio’s Mattia Ferraresi wrote in The Boston Globe. Now, he said, “lives are being lost in a situation that was preventable.

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