Tucker Carlson: For Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the coronavirus crisis, it’s all about power

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It takes courage and wisdom to see what’s happening clearly and serve your people effectively. Most politicians are not capable of that. Here’s a case in point.
On March 23rd, Gretchen Whitmer, who is the governor of Michigan, announced it was going to be necessary to lock down her state during the coronavirus outbreak and she explained why she was doing it. Here’s what she said.
Michigan Gov.

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Sleep Soundly on Brooklyn Bedding’s New Sustainably Crafted Boxed Bed

After way too many underwhelming experiences sleeping in others’ guest bedrooms, I made a personal vow to never force future visitors to rest their weary heads on an uncomfortable mattress in my home. I wanted to make our spare bedroom a refuge of sorts — one with only the most comfortable bedding and all the right amenities. Maybe it’s the people-pleaser in me, or perhaps it’s just a genuine aspiration to be the most gracious host.
In any case, a new mattress for the spare room was a top priority purchase after recently buying a home.

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Jason Greenblatt: During coronavirus crisis, technology can bring distance learning closer to everyone

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When I left government service last October after nearly three busy years as President Trump’s Middle East envoy, my 8-year-old daughter remarked that she couldn’t remember what it was like to have me around. Now, like hundreds of millions of other households, we have more family time than we ever imagined. Despite the challenges, stress and fear, I am grateful for this family time.
One significant challenge has been maintaining our children’s education.

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This is the end of the office as we know it

If and when you return to your office after the novel coronavirus pandemic, you’ll probably notice some differences.
Upon entering your building, the doors may open automatically so you don’t have to touch the handles. Before you board your elevator, you might tell the elevator where you’d like to go, rather than pressing the many buttons within the elevator. When you reach your floor, you could walk into a room full of dividers and well-spaced desks instead of the crowded open floor plan you’re used to.

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More than 230 coronavirus cases close down top US pork producer — amplifying food supply chain concerns,

One of the nation’s largest pork processing facilities is shutting down indefinitely after over 230 employees tested positive for COVID-19, bolstering concerns about food supply chain problems that have left farmers, food banks, grocery stores, and agricultural and food service workers scrambling to keep crops harvested, shelves stocked, and people fed during the coronavirus pandemic.
The Sioux Falls, South Dakota facility accounts for up to 5% of U.S.

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Adam Goodman: Coronavirus shows the World Health Organization in dire need of reform

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The vaudeville duo Abbott & Costello once popularized a comedic sketch about baseball where the names of two infielders – “Who” and “What” – created purposeful confusion, to the delight of crowds from the West Coast to the East.
Today, the “who” is the World Health Organization and the unlaughable commotion it has created around coronavirus, which is killing confidence as fast as the virus is eradicating humans.

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US food workers are in danger. That threatens all of us | Vera L Chang and Seth M Holmes


Coronavirus outbreak

US food workers are in danger. That threatens all of us

Farm and food workers have been designated essential, but they face an agonizing choice: stay home without income, or go to work and risk infection

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‘If we don’t address this looming problem, an unprecedented national hunger crisis will be imminent.

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Campaigning in the Coronavirus Age: A New Frontier



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America’s battle with the coronavirus pandemic is a watershed moment in the history of this country and a turning point in this historic presidency. It’s also uncharted territory for political campaigns.
President Trump has now assumed the role of a wartime chief executive against an invisible enemy while supporting millions of Americans who are facing health threats and economic hardship as a result of this pandemic. That’s good; the nation needs his steady, confident leadership.

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After This Biden Story Edit, Is It Unfair to Label The New York Times a Rape Apologist Publication?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to need all the help he can get if he wants to defeat President Donald Trump in November. He may be the best candidate for the 2020 Democratic field, but that’s no guarantee of victory. In 2012, Mitt Romney was the ‘best person’ to beat Obama, but it wasn’t enough. Biden is confused, doesn’t know where he is half the time, and now needs his wife, Jill, to avoid senior moments. He thinks he’s running for the U.S. Senate, you all saw that error, and now is presiding over a deflated Democratic Party.

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Gen. Zinni & Adm. Stavridis: Global coronavirus fight – US leadership, investment the keys to victory

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Every hour across the country, an invisible army is claiming the lives of our fellow citizens – all taken far too soon and at a pace close to another 9/11 every 36 hours. As a nation, we are relearning the hard lesson that 21st-century threats are often immune to borders and bullets.
While there are some who suggest that this dangerous pathogen should renew calls to build “Fortress America” and retreat from the world, such a withdrawal would make us far less secure.

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