California Appellate Court Rejects Sealing of Alleged Libel

Yesterday, the California Court of Appeal decided Fargo v. Tejas, a libel case in which a trial court had sealed the alleged libel; the court concluded that this violated the First Amendment and California rules. Congratulations to my First Amendment Clinic student Jenny Wilson, who drafted the briefs and presented the oral argument (both in the trial court and on appeal) on behalf of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the First Amendment Coalition, which intervened to get the case unsealed.

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Litigant Can’t Seal Case to “Improve Her Chances of Employment”

From Magistrate Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez Thursday in Abibou v. Rho Inc., 2020 WL 1808608 (N.D. Tex.):

[Plaintiff] seeks to seal the record of his case permanently …. [The case was a sex and national origin discrimination case that plaintiff had filed, without a lawyer, in 2016, and that had been dismissed when she failed to prosecute the case and to supply the court with an updated address. The plaintiff is a woman, but the Magistrate Judge apparently incorrectly refers to her as “he.” -EV.

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