Red states are now paying people not to get vaccinated

As I wrote at the time, it seemed reasonable to believe that at least for some workers, jobless benefits were a factor weighed when deciding whether to accept or reject available jobs. But lots of other factors mattered, too — including child-care availability, fear of getting ill, transit problems, changing family priorities, the wages offered and burnout.


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Ultimately, those other factors seemed to matter more.

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Wealthy Countries Are to Blame for the Omicron Variant’s Spread

On Monday, Joe Biden held a press conference to calm Americans concerned about the newly discovered omicron variant of Covid-19, which the World Health Organization recently described as a “variant of concern.” First sequenced in a lab in South Africa, omicron is the second strain, after the now-familiar delta, to cause alarm given its unique genetic profile. It’s the kind of mutation that’s incubated in places with particularly low vaccination rates.

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Here’s What We Know About the COVID-19 Omicron Strain So Far

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Yes, a new variant has emerged. On Friday, the WHO designated a fourth, possibly more transmissible “variant of concern”—B.1.1.529 or Omicron—after a steep increase in COVID-19 infections in South Africa.
Health officials have detected the variant in Belgium, Britain Botswana, Hong Kong, Israel, and the United Kingdom. As of Friday, there have been no cases of Omicron detected in the United States, according to the CDC.

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America’s Pandemic Star Loses Some Luster

Is Vermont the envy of America no more? The state long hailed for its pandemic response is experiencing one of the most intense COVID-19 surges in the country. Cases are twice as high as they’ve been at any other point. Hospitalizations are up sharply as well, confounding hopes that Vermont’s best-in-the-nation vaccination rate would protect its people from the Delta wave.

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Fauci Warns Omicron Could Already Be in U.S. as U.K., Germany, Italy Detect Cases

As much of the world was worried about the new COVID-19 variant, there are increasing hints that omicron may have already started spreading around the world. Britain, Germany, and Italy all said they detected cases of the new variant on Saturday as Dr. Anthony Fauci warned omicron could already be in the United States. Even though there are no confirmed cases of the new variant yet, Fauci said he “would not be surprised” to learn it had already arrived.

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How Puerto Rico became the most vaccinated place in America

Florida shares deep connections with Puerto Rico as home to the territory’s largest diaspora community on the US mainland. But when it comes to Covid-19, the two places have little in common.
While Florida, like many states in the South, has seen high infection rates and troubling death counts, Puerto Rico has been something of a coronavirus success story.

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CBS News Suggests Transforming Your Home Into a Quarantine Clinic for Thanksgiving

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Anti-Social Media – CBS MORNINGS
While most normal Americans have decided to ignore Dr. Fauci and the press regarding the gathering of families, the media continue to cater to the nervous minority who cling to the fear-mongering.

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