Anonymous Republican Bravely Stands Up to Kevin McCarthy

Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA via AP

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Great news! At long last, Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking a courageous stand against the wing of their party that traffics in bigotry and outlandish conspiracy theories and that tried to end America democracy. Just look at the exciting headline on this scoop CNN published yesterday: “Moderate House Republican warns McCarthy over embracing far-right members.

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Facebook’s Metaverse Heralds a Brave New Underworld of Metacrime

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has probably not had the year he had hoped for. In late spring, New York Times reporters Sheera Frankel and Cecilia Kang made waves with the release of their new book, An Ugly Truth, which took readers deep inside Facebook’s cutthroat corporate culture and revealed that internal concerns about the spread of hate and misinformation on the social media titan’s massive platform were routinely sidelined in the pursuit of pure profit.

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‘If everybody’s white, there can’t be any racial bias’: The disappearance of Hispanic drivers from traffic records

by Richard A. Webster
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Series: Unwatched
A Louisiana Law Department That Polices Itself

When sheriff’s deputies in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, pulled over Octavio Lopez for an expired inspection tag in 2018, they wrote on his traffic ticket that he is white. Lopez, who is from Nicaragua, is Hispanic and speaks only Spanish, said his wife.

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NY Times Tries to Recruit Scabs to Cover for Wirecutter’s Black Friday Strike

In an effort to minimize the financial impact of unionized staffers at Wirecutter striking on Black Friday, The New York Times has attempted to recruit “scab” labor to work the ecommerce website for the lucrative shopping weekend, The Daily Beast has learned.
Times management and the union representing staffers at the paper’s product review page have been deadlocked for nearly two years in negotiating an initial collective bargaining agreement.

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SARAH VINE: Emmanuel Macron’s hatred of Brexit has blinded him to the unfolding human catastrophe 

SARAH VINE: Emmanuel Macron’s hatred of Brexit has blinded him to the unfolding human catastrophe
By Sarah Vine for the Daily Mail
Published: 17:27 EST, 24 November 2021 | Updated: 18:59 EST, 24 November 2021

Over the past few weeks I’ve watched the migrant crisis deepen with a growing sense of foreboding. 
The spectre of tragedy looms over every overloaded dinghy, every bewildered, wide-eyed child disembarking on a British beach.
And now, with grim inevitability, it has happened. The unforgiving seas have claimed their price.

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How the Build Back Better bill will help millions of Americans with hearing impairments

Growing up, Tom Hay helped to raise hogs and crops on the family farm, never thinking to protect his ears from the din of tractors, combines and other machinery.
And while his United Steelworkers (USW) contract provided safety controls and protective measures during his decades at Titan Tire, he wasn’t surprised when hearing tests revealed his ears aren’t as sharp as they used to be.
Right now, Congress is on the cusp of helping millions of Americans like Hay live better lives.

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Why you should care about Facebook’s big push into the metaverse

It’s the next big breakthrough in technology. It’s a joke. It’s a marketing strategy. It’s a techno-dystopian nightmare. It’s the metaverse — defined most simply as a virtual world where people can socialize, work, and play — and Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes it is the future of the internet and of his trillion-dollar company.

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This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful for a President Who Believes in Science

President Joe Biden speaks about Covid-19 vaccinations, Thursday, October 7, 2021. (Susan Walsh / AP Photo)

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